Weekly Torah Classes

Join us for thought-provoking and stimulating classes that analyze the weekly Torah portion and explores its relevance to our daily lives.

Every Monday at 7:30 @ 93 Brookside ave Santa Clara 

Beginner’s Shabbat Services

Have you walked into synagogue only to be confounded by the Hebrew text and unknown tunes?

The beginner’s Shabbat Service is open to any level of experience. Learn the basic meaning, deeper understanding and tunes of Shabbat prayer.

Shabbat prayer is powerful. A soulful meditative experience to be shared with friends.

Followed by a delicious traditional Shabbat lunch. No Charge.

Looking forward to learning, singing and eating together!

Saturday Mornings at 10 Am, Located at 93 Brookside drive Santa Clara

Rosh Chodesh Women   

Join together every new Jewish month to learn, laugh, and connect over a glass of fine wine in honor of Rosh Chodesh

One on One… Study Judaism: Your Level, Your Turf, Your Choice

So the classes are all at the wrong times. Or you want to study something specific. Or you feel that the classes are on a higher level/lower level than you are. No problem!

Would you like to study with Rabbi Yigal or Elana one-on-one? Let us know what you’d like to learn, when, and where, and we’ll set something up!

Some ideas:

  • Chumash (Bible) studies – basic and in depth
  • Kabbalah
  • Talmud analysis – basic and in-depth
  • Prayer
  • Tanya
  • Basic Jewish Law
  • Code of Jewish Law in text
  • Maimonides’ texts
  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Anything!

Call us or text us to schedule a drop in

Rabbi Yigal (408)-718-9074 /  Elana (310)-801-0840

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