Mezzuza & Tefillin

For all your Mezuzah & Teffilin needs, we’ve got you covered. From making sure your Mezuzah is Kosher, to hanging it correctly in your home/office, and reciting the blessing, we are with you every step of the way. For any assistance please Contact us

Kitchen Koshering

Any kitchen can be made kosher. Whether your kitchen is in vogue or a relic of the 1920’s, whether you have a spacious kitchen or a tiny kitchen, you can readily adapt it to kosher practices.
To have your kitchen Koshered or for more information please, Contact us.

Hospital Visitation

​We are on-call to visit the sick, the elderly and the hospitalized. If you are aware of anyone that is sick or is hospitalized, or just needs a visit, please Contact us.

Marriage Course

Jewish teaching enhances all aspects of life, including the most intimate. The laws of marriage bring holiness and fulfillment to the husband and wife, and indeed to the whole family. These teachings are relevant for a young bride and groom about to marry, to those who are already married and even to retired couples. To schedule a class, please Contact us.